Do you know a road needing speed reduction?

20 mph signs junction of Sheldon Rd and Sandford Grove Rd
20 mph signs junction of Sheldon Rd and Sandford Grove Rd
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NOMINATIONS are being sought for roads around Sheffield which should have their speed limits downgraded as part of plans for a city-wide 20mph limit on residential streets.

Sheffield Council’s seven community assemblies are being asked to put together lists of suitable roads for the new restrictions, which could be introduced over the next two years.

Suitable streets would be identified at meetings of the assemblies, where there would be opportunities for the public to have their say.

Simon Green, council executive director responsible for transport, said the 20mph limit could then be extended to being the ‘default’ speed in all residential areas in future years.

The plans are in a report to the council’s cabinet highways committee meeting on Thursday.

Mr Green said: “Reducing the average speed of drivers in a residential area would, over time, bring about a reduction in traffic accidents.”

Main roads would not be subject to 20mph limits.

Leasa Ward, aged 36, whose son Mitchell Mason was knocked down by a car last year, said the introduction of 20mph zones would make the city’s residential areas ‘much safer’.

Leasa, who has been campaigning for speed reduction measures on Harborough Avenue, Manor, where Mitchell was run over, said: “This is a brilliant idea.

“It’s great news that this is going ahead.

“People drive way too fast, especially in residential areas.

“We need to do everything we can to slow drivers down.”

Mitchell, aged 10, is now back at Woodthorpe Primary School two days a week, after making a miraculous recovery since the accident last June.

Leasa, also mum to two other boys aged 13 and 18, said: “Mitchell is doing really well now, I don’t know how he has done it, but he is still having some problems - he has a long way to go.”

The council says each 20mph zone could cost £40,000 to create, due to the cost of implementing legal orders, signs and road markings.

Funding is initially available for seven areas.

Mr Green said the introduction of city-wide 20mph zones in Portsmouth led to a 21 per cent reduction in injuries from traffic accidents.

There are a small number of existing 20mph zones around Sheffield, in areas including Holmhirst at Woodseats, and Shiregreen, which also have traffic-calming measures such as road humps.

However, the new zones proposed by the council will not have ‘physical’ measures to ensure drivers comply with the limits.