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I was very interested to read of the provision of drama experience in Sheffield, or rather lack of it, especially as the company mentioned, Easy Street Theatre, performed at the Lantern Theatre.

The provision is already there!

The Lantern is the home of The Carney Academy Of Performing Arts for all ages including 18-plus.

Ruth Carney, the principal, is Associate Director on Ghost, currently playing in London and all our tutors this term have been professional drama practitioners.

We have been in existence for more than a year and some of our number have already been accepted for drama schools, found professional work, or been accepted by an agent.

So if you have the theatre bug, look no further, visit the CAPA website.

J Derbyshire Nether Edge

Take part in tenant ballot

I would like to respond to J Derrick (Nov 23) regarding the consultation taking place about the future of council housing.

I’d like to confirm that council house rents are not allowed to be spent on non-housing services, whoever manages the homes.

I also want to make it clear that if management of council homes was returned to the council, we would ensure tenants and residents continue to be involved in influencing service delivery. We believes that if council homes were managed by the council this would save significant sums of money, to be better spent on homes and housing services. However, we want to know what tenants think and I would encourage all tenants to get involved in the consultation and take part in the tenant ballot in February.

Coun Harry Harpham, Cabinet Member for Homes