Do you have a home for this heavenly hound?

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COULD you be Angel’s new owner?

Staffordshire terrier-cross Angel is looking for a home.

Tony Benham, RSPCA Sheffield animal care manager, said: “Angel is an intelligent dog and will reposition her bed in her kennel to get a good view of the outside world while she lies there.

“She’s aged about two and came to the centre with mange, a horrible skin condition that made her itchy and sore.

“This has now cleared up, but it will take time to get back to her full, radiant-white glory. She will continue to need regular allermyl baths to heal her further, as she only has a thin covering of hair which makes her look pink at times.

“Angel has the right name as she adores human company and is a gentle soul. She loves being in the spotlight and would be best as the only pet so she can shine.

“If the home has children, those aged over 10 would be best.

“Although at times boisterous, Angel is always friendly and is confident around people.

“Angel has previously lived with another dog and has walked with other dogs.

“However, we advise she is rehomed as an only pet as her social skills with other dogs are limited.

“Again we are hoping this area can be improved with training and help from a behaviourist if needed.

“In every other way, Angel is a confident dog and isn’t easily disturbed by anything. We recommend walks of at least 30 minutes, twice a day, but more would be better.

“Angel enjoys her walks and is good on a lead. She wears a harness and a coat when it is cold and trots alongside you.

“She also enjoys her toys, although she can get a bit excited and obsessive about her boomer balls.

“Equally, Angel can be trusted to play sensibly on her own.

“One of the things that makes Angel stand out in the kennels is her ability to climb up to the top of her door - another trick of hers to get a better view of the outside world for which she longs.”

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