Do we want to fund airport?

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CAMPAIGNERS calling for Sheffield City Airport to be reopened are not easily beaten.

The last commercial flight may have been in 2002, but the airport’s supporters have remaned loyal to its cause and they have now triggered a full debate about the issue at Sheffield Council.

This is how democracy works. If campaigners present a 5,000-signature petition, they get a debate.

We welcome this because it gives a chance for both sides to have their say.

Members of South Yorkshire Federation of Small Businesses supported by Sheffield Conservative Party believe the airport could be viable if it provided short-haul connections with London and the continent.

Opponents say the facts of the matter are that the Airport ran for a period of several years, was privately-owned and failed to be viable.

So should Sheffield Council get involved? That poses the question of whetherocouncil tax payers’ want their money spent on an airport?

These are issues for the debate but it seems likely that if the airport is to be revived, it will have to be a private concern.

And in the current climate, funding for such a venture would be hard to come by.

Brilliant boost of transplant games

THE Transplant Games undoubtedly promote a hugely worthy cause.

Needing an organ donation is quite literally a life-or-death matter in many cases, and the more people who register to offer hearts, lungs and other vital body parts to needy patients, the better.

But the games also have another benefit, bringing £1.5million into the economy through hotel stays, business, shops and restaurants.

The athletics will also demonstrate the city’s sporting facilities at their best, including Ponds Forge, Don Valley and the English Institute of Sport.

While Sheffield struggles with cuts, the boost is more than welcome, and can only prove a tonic as economic uncertainty continues.

An inspiring city

SHEFFIELD has a fine tradition of producing top bands.

Acts such as Def Leppard, Human League and the Arctic Monkeys have shown the diversity of talent in this city which has appealed around the world. Now it appears we’re becoming home to some of the world’s top folk musicians.

And who could blame them for coming here? If ever a city could inspire an artist, it’s Sheffield.