Do not cook when drunk

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TAKEAWAY shops across South Yorkshire could do a roaring trade this Christmas after fire chiefs urged revellers to opt for fast food instead of cooking after a night out.

Fire bosses hope their plea will help drive down the number of fires in what is traditionally one of the busiest party weeks of the year.

Alcohol-related blazes can double in December and the week before the big day is normally one of the busiest for nights out as thousands of workers across the county clock off for the Christmas break.

Today South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said cooking when drunk increased the risk of a serious fire which could destroy a home or even take lives.

Diane Malpass, the fire service’s head of community safety, said: “If you’ve had too much to drink, don’t go home and attempt to cook.

“Too many fires start when someone has passed out, leaving a pizza in the oven or a pan on the hob and it can be fatal.”