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Regarding the letter from Get Demised, Unite the Union Executive, (The Star, March 4, 2015).

I think we all accept that zero hours contracts do not benefit the employee and he’s right to highlight this issue regarding people employed in the Rotherham and Dearne Valley.

I also see that he has a dig at the usual suspects, the government and employers.

Fair enough, he is a union official after all and government and private employers will always be in his sights.

My question is, is he also going round on one of the biggest employers in this area who have been employing workers for some considerable time, namely, Sheffield City Council and have its council leader, Julie Dore explain why this is still going on?

After all, if people in the private sector are suffering then those on similar contracts with Sheffield Council must also be suffering or is there silence on this matter due to a conflict of interests between Unite and a Labour- run council?

James Fenner

by email