Do I need pass to shop in Rotherham?

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As a card-carrying member of UKIP , could I please ask head of children’s services Joyce Thacker whether I need permission to come shopping in Rotherham?

I wouldn’t like her to think that as soon as I get off the bus I would start making racist remarks at anyone I meet.

She may be surprised to know that the only reason I joined UKIP was my desire to be removed from the EU on a purely economic basis.

I feel that too much of our money is paid to this group at a time when we really can’t afford it and we could easily trade with other parts of the world without actually paying them to.

Also the EU tends to come up with some amazingly stupid decisions, ie voting in prisons.

It would be interesting to know who actually tipped off the council, they must be really deranged.

If, as I believe, Mrs Thacker is calling all ukip members racist, am I allowed to sue her in a court of law ?

Paul McAlroy, Worcester Drive, Sheffield

IT’S a pity that Rotherham Social Services didn’t tackle the grooming of young girls by Asian men with the same vigour as they have with the foster care row.

F Atkin, Firth Park, Farview Road, S5

HAS it not been established that freedom of thought and political allegiance are the bases of our democracy? Well, apparently it is not so when one hears of the actions of some of our public servants in Rotherham.

To deny the engagement of foster parents on the grounds of their political affiliations to a party dedicated to the preservation of Britain’s way of life is an utterly unacceptable act of political prejudice.

Bigotry of this kind must be severely challenged, especially in the public services.

Ian Laurie S17