Diva Misha makes rest look average

Misha B
Misha B
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That’s it. I’m done with it.

I have watched this series of X Factor from Day One, but now I couldn’t give a festive fig for the final.

The fact that the best performer this supposed talent show has ever had the fortune to find has now been voted off is the writing on the wall for me.

In big red letters, it clearly says: middle of the road rules, OK.

Misha B’s exit makes a farce of the whole thing. The search for a new star?

Give us a break (and not another M&S or DFS ad).

I care not who wins from the three acts left. They are pleasant and talented, Richie Valens lookalike Marcus, bellowing blonde 17-year-old Amelia (just two years younger than Misha, a fact rarely pointed out) and the Little Mix dolly mixtures who jump up and down every time they get good news like they’re on springs.

But go to any musical at the theatre and you will see performers far better than them. Go to any pop concert and the backing singers are better, too.

Mancunian Misha Bryan, with the voice of about four divas rolled into one, was so much more.

Even the judges admitted it. Tulisa called her a fully-formed star. Gary Barlow said she would be first to get signed by a record label.

Yet she’s gone.

Why? Because the people prepared to spend their money on texts and phone votes are either early teens, or middle of the road folk. They like their pop idols sweet, safe, and average. It makes them feel stardom is achievable.