DISTRESSING IMAGE: Cockerel burned to death on South Yorkshire farm

A cockerel was tortured in Maltby
A cockerel was tortured in Maltby
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A cockerel was doused in turps and set alight in a sick attack on a South Yorkshire farm.

The cockerel was tortured in the Highfield park area of Maltby, Rotherham, during a wrecking spree last Friday night or Saturday morning.

Stephanie Milburn, whose parents run the farm, said vandals broke down fencing to get into a secure area for chickens, duck and geese., some of which are now missing.

Eggs stored in a shed were smashed.

A police probe into the incident is underway.

Stephanie described the torture of the cockerel as 'sick cruelty'.

She believed it was pre-planned, with whoever was responsible having taken a bottle of turps to the farm.

"We were all very upset walking into a scene like that and it seems that with them bringing turps they had the intention of such harm before they even got there," she said.

"The most important thing is their intention to harm, as they went straight in to damage and hurt animals - nothing else has been stolen other than our pets.

"They broke down a section of 6ft fencing to enter into the secured area for our chickens, duck and geese.

"Lengths of drain pipe were removed and then left under the raised sheds, which was presumably been used to get the chickens out from hiding.

"Eggs that were stored in our shed had been smashed everywhere also.

"Three chickens are still missing and we're sure whether they are alive or not.

"What we are so concerned about is that somebody is capable of such sick cruelty is in our community. It may just be a cockerel to many but at the end of day, this is not funny because it's animal cruelty. As animal lovers we were appalled and devastated at what we walked into."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.