Distressed booze-fuelled woman assaulted police officer at party

Chesterfield magistrates' court.Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.
A distressed and booze-fuelled young woman lashed out at a party and struck a police officer.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on July 18 how Jade Taylor, 25, of Lime Grove, Darley Dale, was screaming in a bedroom at a party on Northwood Lane, Darley Dale, and insulted an officer before flinging an arm out which struck the officer.

Prosecuting solicitor Gilliam Foxcroft said: “It was the early hours of the morning when police were called to an address with the report of a female being aggressive.

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“There were guests at the party and she was upset and was being restrained. Officers went upstairs with a body-worn camera and footage showed she was distressed and intoxicated and she was down in mood and was screaming.”

As officers intervened, according to Ms Foxcroft, Taylor lashed out and swore at an officer who forced her away and as she fell on to a bed she flung her arm.

Ms Foxcroft added an officer tried to block her arm but he was hit in the face and it caused some pain and discomfort.

Taylor, who has a previous conviction for being drunk and disorderly and for assaulting a police officer, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty after the latest incident on July 1.

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Defence solicitor Ben Strelley said police were present with the defendant for a long time in a bedroom before the assault happened and she had had a drink and she was emotional.

The defendant had asked if she could see her mother, according to Mr Strelley, but police refused her request and that was when she swore at the officer.

Mr Strelley added that when the defendant fell she lashed out with her hand and it contacted the officer’s arm and his face.

The defendant has since stopped drinking, according to Mr Strelley.

Magistrates fined Taylor £80 and ordered her to pay £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.