Dispersal blitz on street gangs

Sheffield PCSOs patrolling Abbeydale Road after Bonfire Night youths ran amok
Sheffield PCSOs patrolling Abbeydale Road after Bonfire Night youths ran amok
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Police in Sheffield are hoping to unveil a new weapon in the war on 
anti-social behaviour when they apply for a 
dispersal order for 
Abbeydale Road.

Officers are applying to Sheffield Council for the measure which would give them the power to break up groups of trouble-making yobs who have been making residents’ lives a misery for the last 18 months.

Inspector Ian Stubbs from South Yorkshire Police said groups of young Asian men had been throwing missiles and abusing residents.

“For the last 18 months we’ve had significant amounts of anti-social behaviour from Mount Pleasant Park right the way down to Carter Knowle Road,” he said.

“All last summer we had young men throwing water bombs and stones at cars, pedestrians and property, and being verbally abusive when challenged.

“It’s persistent anti-social behaviour and we have been working closely with young people in the area.”

The trouble culminated last year on Bonfire Night when fireworks were thrown at vehicles driving down Abbeydale Road.

“Residents are at the end of their tether and we are at a point where, if we get this power, we can deal with it,” said Insp Stubbs.

If granted, the measure will be in place for six months from May half term until after Bonfire Night.

It means officers could break up groups of troublemakers and, if they returned to the area, they could be arrested and prosecuted. Troublemakers under 16 who are out after 9pm could be escorted home - but Insp Stubbs stressed it was not a curfew order.

“It won’t affect anybody going about their normal business,” he added.