"Disgusting" Doncaster "bottom groping" photo goes viral on Facebook

The photo of the couple outside Alpha Cabs. (Photo: Doncaster Uncovered).
The photo of the couple outside Alpha Cabs. (Photo: Doncaster Uncovered).
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A photo of a mystery woman apparently being groped by a man outside a Doncaster taxi office has gone viral on Facebook.

The photo, shared on the Doncaster Uncovered Facebook group, shows a dark-haired woman in jeans being fondled from outside the Alpha Cabs taxi office in Prince's Street in Doncaster town centre.

A dark-haired man in a white jacket and jeans can be seen with his hands down her trousers while her bottom is exposed. We have pixellated the crude picture.

Another man in a grey hooded top and jeans is standing in front of the woman. A woman with blonde hair appears to be situated behind the trio.

The photo is captioned "Meanwhile In Doncaster."

It is not clear when the photo was taken or who the three are, but it appears to be taken after a night out.

The photo has already started to be spread across social media.

The picture has come under fire from some Facebook users who have blasted the disgusting scene unfolding in public.

One said: "Really? She should be ashamed. Its disgusting."

Doncaster has long come under fire for debauched scenes on nights out with gangs of men and women from across the country descending on the town's numerous bars and clubs to party.