Disgusted to lose beloved mature trees

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At the end of April this year, Rustlings Road residents woke up to find laminated notices attached to 12 of their 30 mature roadside trees, telling them the trees would be felled within a fortnight.

There was no prior communication and certainly no consultation.

‘These are the council’s trees and they can do what they want with them’, we were told when we rang the number on the notice.

Trees like this provide Sheffield with a unique wooded environment. Nearby cities are striving to achieve what we already have.

They contribute significantly to air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide from traffic on busy roads; they help stabilise rising temperatures associated with climate change; they protect children from ultra-violet radiation.

They also aid surface water management, reducing the risk of flooding and have proven benefits for mental well-being.

As if this wasn’t enough, they foster biodiversity and wildlife.

I live on Rustlings Road and wake up every day wondering if this is the last time I will see the tree outside my home. We are promised replacement trees - but most of what a tree gives us comes when it is mature. Replacing them with young trees is like withdrawing your investment before dividends have been paid.

This has to stop.

Jenny Hockey

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