Disgusted over strike proposal

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As a re-elected Hatfield Town councillor, I was absolutely disgusted to read that Doncaster Council workers are to be balloted on strike action.

I believe, this action is being called for purely to disrupt services to the council tax paying public at a time when our town is at an all time low.

Jim Board, Unison branch secretary says: “Enough is enough.” And I couldn’t agree more.

Now is the time for Mr Board to come clean and tell his members what he and his union colleagues receive from the council tax payers of Doncaster through our Labour-controlled council. We, the public, pay his wages, we pay for his office space within the council. I am led to believe this costs us in the region of £270,000. And what do we get for it? A threat that if the council workers are led to strike action by Mr Board, the council taxpayers will get zero services.

May I suggest that if Mr Board is sincere about saving council jobs, he should ask his union to pay his wages, and the rent for his office space. I am sure the £270,000 saved would go some way to safeguarding front line services and jobs.

Lead by example, Mr Board. We all have to make sacrifices. Will you?

Hatfield Town councillor, Mick Glynn, Doncaster Road, Hatfield