Disgusted over cuts

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I AM disgusted with what has been in The Star. How could the Government and local council do such disruption and damage to the city and country in such a short period of time?

Neither the Lib-Dems nor Tories care about the working class, people in poverty and those struggling to make ends meet.

They have gone back on their promises so many times, as many of us knew would happen. It is heartbreaking for a lot of people.

I am disabled and had to fight to get DLN. Now that is under threat and they are cutting jobseekers, etc.

No way will there be any jobs for anyone if they keep doing these cutbacks. There’s 120 college jobs axed. Where will they find work?

I was upset to read The Star’s article about the Graves Art Gallery and as I read on it mentioned four council-run facilities to be transferred to SIV.

One is Springs Leisure Centre, which I’ve been attending nearly a year now.

I’m so worried the membership price will escalate as people like myself won’t be able to afford to keep going, especially with SIV taking £410,000 cut in grants.

The public should have a say in such matters. Even better, another general election.

It is a repeat of the Thatcher years, people soon forget.

With all the cutbacks, the council has spent thousands on unessential things, like at Manor Top library, where they have put brand new benches, paths, raised flower beds and a sculpture which will need maintaining once it’s completed, which will mean it will be us who have to pay to a lot of people. That is just a waste of money and time.

I’m sure it won’t be long before it is vandalised.

More people should speak out, but then, it is never listened to by the Government and councils.

The public should have a say in all matters. I hate to think what this country will be in a few years, there’s no hope for youngsters.

Ms A Evans, Sheffield S12.