Disgust at attack on PCSO on Sheffield estate

PCSO Jimmy Staniforth
PCSO Jimmy Staniforth

Residents of a Sheffield estate have spoken of their disgust at an attack on a PCSO patrolling the streets.

PCSO left bleeding after attack by yobs on Sheffield estate
Jimmy Staniforth was left bleeding after he was struck under his eye by yobs hurling stones at him and a colleague as they walked around the streets of Shiregreen yesterday afternoon.

Police officers on patrol in Shiregreen

Police officers on patrol in Shiregreen

They were targeted on Hatfield House Lane in an area where a gang of youths has been terrorising the estate over recent weeks.

Last month PCSOs came under attack when their vehicles were pelted with stones on the estate.

Residents have condemned those involved, with Nicola Meaney describing the attack as 'absolutely disgusting'.

Writing on Facebook, Rachael Beer said: " This is just getting out of hand now. The police need to make it their priority to find out who these youths are and if they're underage the parents need to be punished.

"They think they're above the law. Shiregreen gets a lot of bad press but the majority of us are good people. We need to reclaim back our estate."

Joanne Phelps-Gethin added: "It's a absolute joke what they are been allowed to get away with.

"Pensioners, mothers with children and vulnerable people have all been targeted by these little idiots. This should have been stamped out from the start. People are afraid to come out. It isn't right."

Chris Fox said: "Lots of issues have been building up over the last few months, a small element of teenagers, who have aspirations to be some sort of gangsters, appear to be trying to prove themselves all over the estate - stones and bricks thrown at cars and buses, cars stopped in the street and drivers menaced by them.

"It will lead to retaliation by the residents and it needs strong policing now to prevent dangerous repercussions occurring.

"If any of the culprits can be identified or even suspected, let's give the police help to identify them, phone the 101 numbers with names and addresses, it gives them powers to bring them in. If they want to be big gangsters lock them up for a day or two or longer, maybe a bit of shock, hard treatment could save them getting a good hiding on the streets. Not condoning that plan, but local feelings are running high.

"No one likes having their property damaged and lives spoilt by these wannabees."

Dawn Louise Hall added: "Disgusting, no respect for anything or anyone. He was just doing his job, and those idiots probably never worked a day in their pathetic little lives."

Clare Harding wrote: "This is absolutely disgusting. Groups of kids hanging around on the corner of One Stop as young 11, swearing, drinking, smoking drugs, shouting abuse at anyone that dare look their way.

"So intimidating. Elderly and the rest of the community deserve better than this shower of scumbags.

"The police and community officers have a difficult job in dealing with these lowlifes."

Andrea Lofts added: " I remember when police had powers. All this do-gooding has achieved nothing except kids that think they can do just as they like as there's no deterrent.

"Parents can't discipline them, teachers can't discipline them and the police can do very little to them."

Caroline Chambers posted: Hope you're OK Jimmy. I am sure this won't stop you from trying to serve the public, the majority of whom are thankful to you and all the other police officers. The mindless minority are just that - disrespectful and cowardly."

Alex Wade said: "He was lucky, could have been blinded. These people are making a positive contribution to society, doing something great for the people and it is literally thrown back in their face. Disgrace."

And Paul David Illingworth added: "Shocking, absolutely shocking. We need tougher penalties against criminals that do this. If they happily attack a police officer they’ll attack anyone."

Anyone with information on those responsible for the attack should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.