‘Disgraceful way to treat a loyal client’

Action Walsh''Simon Gosling, PPI victim
Action Walsh''Simon Gosling, PPI victim
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WITH banks’ reputation in the gutter, you might think Halifax would do all it could to make amends but its treatment of Simon Gosling made matters worse.

The 49-year-old took out three loans for essentials when his daughters were growing up, starting in 1999.

And each time he says Halifax insisted he could only have the money if he took out personal protection insurance or PPI.

He accepted and over the years paid a whopping £2,600 on top of his loan repayments.

PPI mis-selling finally caught up with the banks in the late noughties and the Financial Services Authority ordered money to be returned, plus interest.

Simon realised he was a victim and asked Halifax for his money back - and the bank promised to send him £4,705 by January 12.

But it only paid him half.

After a month of failing to prise £2,731 from their grasp he contacted Action Desk.

Simon, of Springwood Lane, High Green, said: “I had my eyes ripped out then and I’m still getting my eyes ripped out even though they agreed to it in black and white.

“All those years paying money I could have spent on my daughters. Then they heap disgrace on dishonour by failing to do what they promised. I’ve been a customer 25 years. I’ve never defaulted. This is how they treat me. You can bet Halifax would have taken me to court for non payment if the tables were turned.”


A HALIFAX spokeswoman said they had now paid Simon his £2,731 and given him £100 more to say sorry.

She added: “We have contacted the customer to confirm that all the payments have now been made and we have also offered £100 in recognition of the inconvenience that we have caused.

“We sincerely apologise for the delays that we have caused during the processing of the complaint.

“Unfortunately, it appears that the instruction for the third payment was misplaced which resulted in the delay.”