Disgraceful Scenes...

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I have somebody visiting me soon and I’m trying to plan a route through the City to get to Hillsborough without my visitor seeing the disgraceful scenes of litter lining the city streets on my way home.

I don’t want my visitor thinking that I live in a third world country after all.

The only method will be to put a hood over their head, it seems.

My disgust is for the scum who drop it in the first place but the litter levels are now the worst I have ever seen in my 20 years in Sheffield – Penistone Road is a major arterial route and looks horrendous.

I appreciate there are council budget cuts but it’s unacceptable that the appearance of our city outside of the city centre has been allowed to deteriorate so quickly.

Use the criminals on community service as cheap labour if necessary but can this be addressed as a matter of urgency?

Gavin Murray

Middlewood Road, S6