Disgraceful saga is also matter of prestige

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Full marks to Sheffield City Airport Movement (SCAM) for their tenacity in trying to lift the lid off this can of worms. It is obvious that someone, somewhere is trying to hide something. The sooner the boil is lanced, the better, even if heads roll.

We’re entitled to know the facts under the Freedom of Information Act and this is why such legislation was passed. It is abhorrent that Sheffield Council’s legal department act in the way they are and embarrassing questions are being suppressed, which is a very slippery slope to go down. It is the sort of thing you expect in a totalitarian regime followed by a knock on the door in the middle of the night, not in a democracy.

The complaint that the council is being harassed is no bad thing as they need harassing until the real truth comes out. Their ‘time wasting’ accusations are not valid as this is not yet a lost cause and will never be so unless a much-needed public inquiry proves otherwise.

This disgraceful saga is not just a matter of the millions of pounds which we citizens lost unnecessarily, but also the loss of prestige which as the fourth largest city we suffered when we had to show the world that we could not, or would not sustain (by way of subsidy if necessary) a regional airport which had a bought and paid for infrastructure already in place.

Howard Greaves, Abbeydale Rd