‘Disgrace’ vs ‘demonisation’: Sheffield reacts to Benefits: My Big Benefits family on Channel 5

The Kerrigan family appeared on Channel 5
The Kerrigan family appeared on Channel 5
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Sheffield reacted to Channel 5 show Benefits: My Big Benefits Family, which featured a Firth Park family who claim benefits.

The Star readers took to Facebook, Twitter and www.thestar.co.uk to make their feelings heard on the show’s portrayal of the family and the city as a whole.

Many readers took aim at the family and the welfare system, while others attacked Channel 5 for ‘demonising the poor’ or putting forward a negative image of Sheffield.

Read the original story here: Sheffield family are in benefits show

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Here’s how Sheffield has reacted so far (all comments unedited as they appeared on social media):

*Jennie Plant: Glad I didn’t watch, would have driven me mad! Not a real representation of most Sheffield folk! I’ve been receiving treatment at sheffield’s western park hospital since June last year, the staff who have looked after me and who work soooo hard are probably on less money! Real sheffield folk care about others, I’ve experienced this first hand over the last few month and have even signed up to complete a race for life 5k myself to help others whilst still undergoing my treatment #realsheffieldfolk

*Tina Kerr: People asking why go to work when you could be on more at home!? How about having a little self respect, how about having a little pride in providing for your family..a family which you chose to have, how about not thinking the county owes us a living because they don’t.. The benifits system was there to help people in genuine need, a safety net... Now it seems it’s a free for all.

*Chelsea Procter: Couldn’t even bare to watch most of it! I’m a single mum and have a good job/ career and I still don’t earn as much as most of these. The job seeker benefits and sick benefits need looking at across the country. It’s vile that people get paid to sit at home and get drunk!

*Rachael Beer: “Such a bad representation of sheffield and council estates as a whole! There are good hardworking people that live on these estates yet we are all tarred with the same brush. Benefits system is a joke, country’s a joke come on David Cameron sort it out!!!!

*Danielle Frith: The problem is until the government change the benefit system and only help those who genuinely need it, nothings gonna change! It grates me that those of us who get off of our butts n work know we are worse off working than being on benefits its a joke, it should pay to work not pay to do sod all!!!

*Mark Krygier: Shows like this are designed to brain wash, turn people against each other. Where is the programme about bankers, politicians tax evading companies taking the piss ? Where is the programme about the biggest benefit scrounges the royal family?

*Daniel Holliday: Cheap shot by 5. Just distracting people from the real problems. Bankers, politicians and a wealthy elite asset stripping the country. Benefit claimants aren’t the issue here. Also, capitalism requires unemployment.

*David Ogle: I did not see it, i will not contribute to the demonisation of the poor, regardless of how good the argument is or is not against one group or family. Just as i will not dam all muslims because of islam or a minorities action within islam. Look up the food chain for the disgusting, the vile the top 1% that have 99%

*Donna Linton all I can say is wot a disgrace!! im absolutely gob smacked. im glad I work to provide for my kids and to teach them that you have to earn money to get the things you want by working

*Katie Flint Don’t think there’s any need for all the negative comments tbh. If you don’t agree with it all fair enough, but I know personally it isn’t easy getting a job..

*Jorja Gill Unfortunately it’s harder to live and work than on benefits - that’s what wrong with this country - don’t get me wrong I agree there should be help when people really need it (ie redundancy/illness etc) but you should always be better off if you work - where’s the incentive to get a job when they can get all that on benefits!????!!!!

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