Disease is incurable and it will spread

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This is a message to JohnB, who informs us of a strange disease that is on the up. It is called Europhobia Simplex and according to him all suffers need to be avoided at all cost.

I am one of the people who have the condition, or am going to vote UKIP, as he really means. Let me teach you about the real symptoms of the disease.

I am 28 and have lived in this country all my life. It is a great country and I am proud to be British. However, recently I have seen problems arising.

The first thing that brought on my symptoms was reading a very interesting newspaper column quite a while ago.

It read, “ Is it the end of the Breakfast conserve”. I read on to realise that the European Council had decided that there is too much sugar in the jam that we consume and we were been told that we had to lower the amount in it. A few weeks later I read another headline stating: “Europe says vacuum cleaners are too powerful and we have to have ones with a lower voltage.”

Now John, can you see a pattern in the things that were bringing on my symptoms. I’ll give you a clue. It is “Europe says so.”

Would JohnB like it if somebody came into his house and told him how to decorate it, what to eat and when to sleep? I think not.

Indeed other problems are related to immigration. You see, I don’t believe in the Freedom of Movement act that the Europhiles think is so important.

Do you honestly think that a policy where every person in the EU should have the right to live here, or us living anywhere else in Europe is right?

You honestly think that if all 80 million citizens of Germany decide to come and live in the UK that you would be fine with that?

That sounds a little far-fetched, but there is not a law to stop them.

I want us to leave the EU so we can make our own rules. Now the Tories will give us an in/out referendum if they get in, but David Cameron has said he will fight tooth and nail to try to keep us in.

Labour would let anybody and everybody in to this country if they had their way, as would the Greens. Nick Clegg called anyone who wanted to leave the EU “Unbritish, so he’s out.

So John B, if you are so in love with Europe, why don’t you move there. The spread of the disease is happening fast and fortunately there is no sign of a cure.

Matthew Hobson