Disabled woman’s fury after door smashed down and left unsecure

Fury: Cathy Cope at her home in Wheatley Wells.
Fury: Cathy Cope at her home in Wheatley Wells.
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A DISABLED Doncaster women is furious after social services called in police to smash down her door.

Cathy Cope says she had rung staff at Doncaster Council to cancel appointments which had been made for her to meet with care workers.

But despite her call, council officials worried for her wellbeing called police to break into her house - leaving the door unsecured for several days.

Doncaster Council claims the position was not clear when they called for the forced entry.

Ms Cope, aged 44, of Wells Road, Wheatley, said: “I’m furious. Their actions wasted police time and left me unable to leave the house or sleep at night.

“They told me to get the door fixed and they would refund the money. But I did not have the money to pay for that in the first place.

“I can’t understand why they could not just send someone out to mend the door.

“They came out and said to me they had made a mistake. But I had to stay up all night and pushed a wardrobe up against the door.

“I couldn’t go out and could not sleep at night, and it has been making me ill.

“I have just been worried in case people break in and set the place on fire thinking it is derelict. There have been boarded houses set alight near here.

“I trusted people to come and help me when I needed help. I swallowed my pride to do that, and then this happened.

“I called to cancel appointments, but they called the police to break my door down when they couldn’t get in.”

Ms Cope gets help dressing and with meals because she has a string of disabilities.

She cannot cook because she suffers fits and has a fractured spine, heart murmur, a pin in her left ankle and a blood disorder.

Joan Beck, Doncaster Council director of adults and communities, said: “The well being of Mrs Cope is our first priority.

“Despite Mrs Cope indicating she did not require a call during the day, it was not clear the situation regarding her evening check call.

“As a result, the care team continued with the evening visits, resulting in them being sufficiently concerned about a lack of response that the police were called, who took action to enter the property.

“Although there was damage to Mrs Cope’s door, it is our duty to provide care for Mrs Cope and as such we cannot compromise on her safety.

“We have worked with a company who have responded quickly to repair the door, during which time we continued to offer her support.”