Disabled man’s plea for home of his own

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DISABLED Doncaster youngster Brendan Fox fears he could end up in a care home if housing bosses do not step in.

The 22-year-old from Weston Road, Balby, says he needs to move out of the house he has shared with his mother because of his concerns over its suitablity and because of his relationship with his mum.

He is due to return to Doncaster full time after completing a course in independent living at Portland College in Worksop.

But Brendan, who suffers from cerebral palsy, says the house where he has lived in the past with his mother is no longer suitable after a fall out with his mum, and because of concerns over access to the property.

He said: “It has a ramp for a wheelchair for one door - but there is not a ramp I can use for the back door.

“I’m concerned that could leave me trapped in a fire. There is also work that needs to be done for me to use the kitchen.

“I’m concerned I could end up in a home if I can’t get something sorted out soon.

“That would be devastating. I’ve managed to stay out of anything like that for 22 years.

“I have anger management issues and that would make them ten times worse.

“I have issues that need addressing but I’m not incapable of looking after myself.”

Wheelchair-user Mr Fox has been on a housing waiting list with St Leger Homes since January. He says he needs a specially-adapted bungalow, but claims they are hard to find.

He had hoped to get into a property close to his grandmother’s home, but that was allocated to another tenant, he said.

He has had meetings with bosses at St Leger Homes to call for a solution to his problems, but says he has been left frustrated he has not been offered another home.

Bosses at St Leger Homes, which manages all Doncaster Council’s housing stock, say that Mr Fox is already in accommodation for disabled people.

Susan Jordan, chief executive of the company, said: “Our records show that Mr Fox is in an adapted bungalow.

“However, if he feels the adaptations do not meet his requirements, I urge Mr Fox to ring us to discuss this.

“We are also aware he would like to move to another adapted bungalow and when a suitable one becomes available we will work with Mr Fox to re-house him.

“Meanwhile, if Mr Fox would like to ring our Doncaster Homechoice team on 01302 862628 our staff will be able to offer further support and advice and speak to him about his and his mother’s future housing options.”