Dignity must be a priority

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PATIENTS treated and cared for at Sheffield’s hospitals are used to having a very high standard of attention.

And indeed, onlylast month this newspaper highlighted the quality that had been recognised by inspectors at Northern General Hospital.

Staff do their best and seldom slip below that high standard.

So it is surprising that in the past few days we have had brought to our attention two terribly poor cases where elderly patients have not been treated with dignity.

The dignity issue is an important one which has dominated the national agenda in the past few days.

The Care QualityCommission produced a report this week highlighting the fact that fewer hospitals were respecting patients’ dignity with a fall from 88 per cent to 82 per cent of hospitals meeting the desired standards.

Northern General responded speedily when the plight of Grace Francis who was found by her family half naked and lying in her own urine in her bed.

And staff have apologised for the appalling failing of care.

We know this is a blip in the standards we expect and hope that proper measures are put in place so that other patients don’t have to suffer the same indignity as Grace.

Tough medicine for us to swallow

THREE years of austerity and still there doesn’t seem much good news around the corner.

That’s the take home from the Chancellor’s Budget yesterday.

He has put some money back into our pockets with a freeze on petrol prices and a cut in the cost of a pint.

But as he admits the economy is taking slower to mend than planned, all we are really seeing is more tough medicine without a sight of a cure.

No place like home

IS it the views, the fresh air or the sense of community which makes Sheffield special?

Maybe it’s the shops, having the Peak District on your doorstep or the sheer diversity of the place.

Whatever it is that makes us love Sheffield, there’s no doubt that we do.

As city residents, we are passionate about the place we call home which is why we have launched the Love Where You Live campaign.

We feature six areas today and six more tomorrow, all of which share the belief that their patch is best.

And whichever part of the city is your home, we can all feel proud to be part of such an historic and important city.