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I am grateful to Mr JW Vintin, (Star, October 5), for encouraging me to ‘stiffen the sinews and summoning up the blood’ on a throughly dispiriting Monday.

I do wish Mr Vintin and his previous correspondent would digest what my viewpoint is on the castle site is or at least what I am trying to put across.

There has never been a situation where the excavation of the castle site, (because that was what it always was), was going to be a Time Team operation.

‘Stupid castles’ Mr Vintin indicates that some of us haven’t changed our opinions since ‘builders’ language’ was used to Himsworth in the 1920s where the ‘rush to build a market, as cheaply as possible’, was the order of the day.

God help us, no wonder some parts of Sheffield city centre are in the worst state I’ve seen in my 63years in the city.

In the council’s defence they have picked a specialist contractor because of the archaelogical importance of the site.

I rest my case.

Ron Clayton