Did someone censor my mail to the USA?

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On holiday in America in 2009 we met and befriended a family from Illinois. We kept in touch via email and sent cards and presents at Christmas.

As part of their children’s education, they are doing social studies, which includes some items about English history: how our Parliament works; what is the House of Lords?

It’s all quite general information which is easily obtainable through internet sites.

We were fortunate enough to visit the Houses of Parliament last year and obtained from some brochures and pamphlets about the Commons and Lords. Material which was readily available at the tourist office.

I sent some of these brochures to Joely last week thinking they would help her in her studies and promote a bit of interest in our history.

Can you imagine my disappointment when I received an email telling me the envelope had arrived with nothing in.

It had been torn open and the contents removed.

I cannot understand why this as happened.

Can someone enlighten me?

Do people with pen-pals abroad have their mail censored or torn open and just an empty envelope delivered?

Pat Waistnidge, S6