Diamond day for Sheffield Valentine’s couple

Married 60 years.... Sylvia & Eric Lambert at home in Southey Green Road,Southey Green
Married 60 years.... Sylvia & Eric Lambert at home in Southey Green Road,Southey Green
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LOVE blossomed in the most unusual of places for Valentine’s sweethearts Sylvia and Eric Lambert.

Sylvia was a nurse’s aid and Eric a seriously ill tuberculosis patient at Crimicar Lane Hospital and Sanitorium in Sheffield, when they met in 1953.

The convalescence unit was the last place young Sylvia, who lived in the Wybourn area then, expected to find lasting love.

But now 81 and celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day, she said: “I wasn’t interested in boys back then because I had seven brothers!

“Eric had an hour out in the evening just as I was going home, he used to walk me to the bus stop.

“That’s how we met, we talked and talked. I think it was just an attraction that brought us together, we were both young and that was it. It was quite an unusual place to meet your future husband. But we have had a lovely life.”

The couple tied the knot at Carbrook Church on February 14, 1953, booking the Valentine’s date by chance.

But Eric, from Carbrook, now aged 85, fell ill the next day and had to be readmitted to hospital. He has had a rib removed because of the tuberculosis and suffered with health problems all his working life in the steelworks.

The couple had three children, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

They lived in Walkley before settling in Southey Green, where they have lived in the same house for 49 years.

Sylvia added: “I don’t really know what the secret is to a happy marriage, I suppose it’s hard work.

“We’ve had hard times when he was poorly and I had a little boy who was poorly but everything has turned out okay. We just pull together.

“When you are hard at work and busy, time flies. We have a great family.

“Keeping us together for all these years is patience, determination and looking after each other and we have been happy!”

The couple will celebrate their anniversary with a family meal night and a VIP night out at the dogs.

Proud daughter Ann Mitchell, of Southey Green, said: “They are a wonderful couple, we love them loads.”

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