Diamond celebration for happy Sheffield couple

Mr & Mrs Pitcher Celebrate their Diamond Wedding
Mr & Mrs Pitcher Celebrate their Diamond Wedding
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THEIR love blossomed over a shop counter...

Now, six decades on, diamond couple Doris and Lawrence Pitcher from Sheffield are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with three generations of their descendants.

The couple met in the city centre at the sweets and cigarette shop which Doris managed near The Lyceum theatre.

Bus driver Lawrence would call in regularly to buy his cigarettes.

The former bus driver asked Doris out on a date and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I used to work as a bus driver and conductor and I would call at the shop Doris managed for my cigarettes,” he said.

“We used to talk, and I asked her to the theatre.

“We used to try to go the theatre once a week after that, but now that we are older we don’t get out much any more.”

The couple tied the knot in 1952 when they were 24 and 25 years old, and spent the first eight years of their married life living with Lawrence’s mother on City Road in Sheffield.

Then they moved house to just eight doors from where Doris had lived all her life - on Stone Street in Mosborough.

Doris, now 84, and Lawrence, 85, lived there for 50 happy years until two years ago when they moved into sheltered accommodation in Park Hill.

The couple, who have one son, three grandchildren and a great grandchild, marked their special day with a party for fellow residents at the Gilbert Court sheltered housing complex on Duke Street.

They are also planning a family celebration.

Lawrence said the secret to their long and successful marriage was working together towards a shared goal.

“The secret is pulling together - it has worked for us,” he said.

“Sixty years is a long time. I don’t think we’ll last another 60!”