Devi’s Fund gets bike boost

DeviNW''Seven seater bike
DeviNW''Seven seater bike
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THE FAMILY and friends of a Sheffield man who died from leukaemia are organising a crazy bike ride to help other sufferers of the disease.

Devi Palmer’s supporters have raised over £30,000 in his memory to help pay for a bungalow to be used by leukaemia patients and their families during treatment at local hospitals.

Devi, from South Anston, died in 2002 when he was just 28, from an infection caused by a bone marrow transplant.

Ever since his death, his family have been raising funds for the bungalow.

The bike ride is set to be one of the craziest rides ever because it features a seven-seater bike.

Devi’s mum Shirley Palmer, aged 62, has enlisted a group of lads from Lancashire who will embark on the wacky challenge tomorrow.

They will ride the bizarre bike along a 90-mile route from Edinburgh, across the Forth Bridge through Grangemouth, Linlithgow and back to Edinburgh.

Shirley said she was buying astro turf for the bungalow when salesman Adam Booth volunteered himself and his mates to undertake the ride.

She said: “They are about the same age as Devi was, so I guess his story struck a chord.

“The lads were also pleased we were a small charity, and that the money raised would go directly to the patients.”

She added: “The bungalow is nearly finished. It’s taken a lot of hard work and we hope to be open soon. The fund is for the patients who stay at the bungalow to use on whatever their needs require.”

To date the Devi Palmer Memorial Fund, has raised £30,000.

n To donate to the cause call Shirley on 07790 673989.