Detective: Allegation I beat Sheffield burglar with shoe ‘is a complete lie’

Brightmore Drive. Picture: Andrew Roe
Brightmore Drive. Picture: Andrew Roe

A South Yorkshire Police detective accused of beating a suspected burglar with a shoe has described the allegation as ‘a complete lie’.

DC Christopher Hanson denies assaulting Lee Stott, who claimed he had been hit with one of his trainers while handcuffed and being restrained by another officer called Christopher Cheung as they attempted to find out the location of a stolen car in August 2014.

The two men, and a third officer, PC Trevor Roberts, are accused of lying about what happened in Stott’s flat on Brightmore Drive, Netherthorpe and have been facing a police misconduct hearing which started in June and began again this week after being adjourned in summer.

Giving evidence to a hearing in Chapeltown, DC Hanson said there had been no such attack when Stott was arrested while wearing only his boxer shorts.

“It is a complete lie. He was not assaulted, nobody has assaulted Lee Stott,” he said.

“He has totally made that allegation up.” 

DC Hanson did accept he had forced entry into the flat - something that was not mentioned in any of the three officers’ original statements about the incident but came to light following CCTV from the hallway outside the flat being viewed.

He said he considered the entry to be lawful and came due to ‘delaying tactics’ from Stott’s girlfriend Gail Sykes in allowing officers into the flat and hearing the ringing of a stolen iPhone that had been taken from the same house as the car the night before.

He said he feared Stott could have been attempting to dispose of stolen property.

DC Hanson said he had not mentioned the forced entry in his statement as he did not consider it to be relevant to the burglary and theft allegations.

DC Hanson is also accused of lying that Stott had told him injuries on his body had come from falling over in the park to ‘cover up’ the alleged attack.

He said: “That allegation is false as well. I noted exactly what Lee Stott had said to me in relation to the injuries.”

He also denied lying about the way in which the stolen car was found.

Rick Holland, representing DC Hanson, asked his client what he had to say about allegations from the force’s Professional Standards Department that he had committed gross misconduct on the day in question. 

He said: “I have in no way shape or form been dishonest or intentionally misleading in any way.

“What I put in the statement was what I believed to be relevant to the investigation against Lee Stott. I’m not a dishonest person.”

DC Hanson said that prior to the day in question, he had no personal contact with Stott but knew of him as a ‘prolific offender’ who would be mentioned in briefings in relation to burglaries. He said he had previously arrested Gail Sykes, who is also a repeat offender.

Stott pleaded guilty to burglary in February 2015 and is currently in prison.

DC Hanson said Stott had freely admitted to his role in the burglary after officers entered the flat and told him he was being arrested.

The 33-year-old detective said: “He made the comment along the lines of ‘Ok, ok, I will tell you everything you need to know. Please leave Gail out of this, she has nothing to do with this’.

“He said something along the lines of ‘I will tell you where the car is’.”

DC Hanson said Stott had not been behaving in an aggressive manner but was handcuffed due to the presence of three large kitchen knives in the bedroom he was in.

The officer said claims by Stott that he had ‘defensive’ injuries on his wrist due to being attacked were false and said Stott had been rubbing his handcuffs together while he was speaking with officers.

All three officers deny any wrongdoing. 

The hearing continues.