Destructive effects of alcohol abuse laid bare

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In Monday’s Star we published tragic pictures of alcoholic Beverley Pickorer as she faced death from liver disease.

Wracked by epileptic seizures, her face ravaged, teeth ruined, skin paper-thin and jaundiced, the 35-year-old is dying from damage inflicted by years of heavy drinking.

Her distraught partner Anthony Howard, 31, is pleading for her to be allowed to return home to Parson Cross to die.

Here is what you thought of her plight ...

JP Depledge: A warning to the younger generation who just love to binge drink on an weekend !!!

Kimberley Taylor: We have all gone through hard times in our lives but not everyone has chose the option of alcohol, I really feel for Anthony.

Michelle Dawn Pask: It’s not casting judgement James av you sat and watched someone close die of aggressive cancer and knowing nothing can be done for them ?? And in ur mind u think if only there was something to let them live a few more days ....bad realationships May av turned her to drink but we’re saying she then had a partner who supported her and kids that needed her but she chose to keep killing herself

Patrick Cartledge: Help is never 2 late Amanda Jackson when you realise you have a problem you ask for help as I stated b4 I lost both my parents last year in the space of 4 weeks my dads was sudden my mum was ill for quite a few months b4 she died.

n For support on alcohol issues or more information call SASS on 0114 2587553, or Alcoholics Anonymous on 0845 7697555.

Cheer up it’s January!

Next Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year – but we aren’t having any of that.

We asked you what Sheffielders are looking forward to in 2014 and most of your are positive about prospects for you and your friends and family in the next 12 months.

Here’s a sample of what you said

Nicola Lazenby: Glasgow 2014....

Lynsey Green: Baby boy due 2 week today!

Brenda Mordey: I’m looking forward to 2014 first this year I have to have a lung lobe removed cos cancer then get better. Then open my majorette club up again. Also I got to look forward to just been made lake side supreme insertion women of 2014. How about that? Lovely so boosted me that did. I’ve been working with kids for 35 years and now im proud in 2014 as I’ve been rewarded for my hard work xxx

Nel Shallow: Celebrating lovely hubby’s 50th birthday next week

Paul Frai Allonby: Every day’s depressing in sheffield (well, big parts of it, anyway!)

Steven Smudger Smith: Well im leaving army.... expecting my first baby missus 6th baby and getting married and end of year iturn 30 so 2014 is a massive year for me

Brina Jayne L’Amie: Good year for me and my children after a difficult few! Youngest daughter moves up to junior school, youngest son who has special needs starts at high school after a very tough time, eldest daughter finishes gcses, eldest son finishes A levels, and finally I complete my degree in primary teaching! (Believe me, never thought any of it would happen after the year we’ve had!)

X-Box or trees?

On Tuesday we asked our readers and Facebook friends how important they thought traditional games and ‘playing out’ were to children.

It is said that 50% of parents say they struggle to engage children outdoors now, as they prefer television and computer games.

Here’s what you thought:

Nicky Leggitt Royle : Think it is important really ..even if its only a walk around a local park or wood etc it gets them out ...doesnt have to cost alot or anything but its things they can see or learn outdoors x

Glenn Chapman: We left Sheffield for Perth Australia 2 years ago and things are so different here, our boys are outside every day and it feels so safe which for us is the big difference. It’s a country built around sport both at school and at home and the kids hardly play computer games. In Sheffield we wouldn’t let our boys too far away.

Paul Frai Allonby: Always plenty of kids playing out where we live in Chesterfield – a big contrast to when we lived at Heeley!

Holly Alicia Dixon: There’s nothing for kids to do anymore, apart from watching TV or playing computer games, then the government wonder why so many kids are over weight.

James Yeschef Milner: The trouble is we as parents don’t allow our children to go out n explore like we did as kids cos there is too many bad people around these days so my children only get to go out 2 days a week which is my days of from work. It is a sad story!