Destruction of wild habitats are a huge mistake

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I attended a Local Housing Forum yesterday and

I listened to Coun Joyce Wright who is a fierce supporter of the Eccelsfield people she represents.

I was asked for any information which would help Cowley lane people stave off the imminent destruction of the wild habitat top of Cowley Lane.

Having seen the destruction it caused at first Sheepbridge then Unstone there is no answer because no one will listen.

Regarding the Cowley scheme it will make no difference that the outcrop has already decimated Silver birch trees home to Red polls, Bullfinch and linnets Larks and Yellow Hamers will be displaced and these you cannot replace.

These will have had their habbitat detroyed and no one is looking at the bigger picture of the flood waters which will enter the Blackburn Brook destroying factories and jobs lower down the Valley.

Only time will tell it was a mistake to tame wild areas for a park we will not be able to maintain in the future.

Frank Hardy