Deserved seconds for critic Martha

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What idiot at Argyll and Bute Council thought the best thing to do when a chirpy lass started an online school dinners blog was to censor her?

Someone with a neep for a brain, one concludes.

Backfire? Didn’t it just. Support for Martha Payne, aged nine, came from around the world - and Jamie Oliver’s kitchen. Everyone could see what the council couldn’t; that just as AA Gill and Michael Winner have the right to pen food critiques, Martha is perfectly entitled to photograph and comment on her school dinners.

If the council didn’t like her negative comments, they should have blamed the food, not the mini consumer - and also realised that her truthful and sweet blog also gave praise when due. (Dinner ladies, take heart; more often than not, there was a big fat zero in the ‘hairs in food’ category).

They should have been proud of a girl with spirit and good intention. She was also raising money for a school canteen for kids in Malawi. Her daily posts generated fascinating descriptions and pictures of school meals from around the world.

Happily, people power has crushed the turnip-head council dictator. Martha, back blogging, now has £75,000 for the Malawi kids and the sensible lass has said yes to only one in a deluge of celebrity deals; she is to team up with famous chef Nick Nairn to help the council put more nutritious meals on her classmates’s plates. Bless.