Deserve respect

They say that circus horses are prone to cruelty.

Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 7:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 7:36 am
Police horses

Would that include horses jumping over fences, racing, hunting, polo, police? Horses are expected to give their all regardless of the circumstances.

They give humans great joy, be it riding or admiring their beauty, nevertheless they are living creatures and deserve our respect not cruelty.

EB Warris

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Sheffield, S14

An inspiration to others

In an age when we seem surrounded by selfish greedy people, thugs and thieves, how wonderful it was to read of a lovely selfless lady like Barbara Wragg.

Her family must be so proud of her. What a terrible shame that she died.

I’m sure that many more readers join me in sending deepest sympathy to her family. Hopefully, her kindness might be an inspiration to other big winners, but I doubt it, sadly.

Maureen Keeton

Sheffield, S33

We will miss you Babs

Having been a close friend of Barbara, Ray and family for many years, going back to well before they became famous for the wonderful donations to charitable causes.

We are saddened by her death but know how she has suffered during the past five years and has been supported by Ray and family throughout.

Around 15 years ago unbeknown to anyone other than those connected with the charities that had been helped and from whom letters of support had to be submitted, I nominated Barbara and Ray for some official recognition.

Apart from a brief acknowledgement and a message informing me that such applications took some time to be considered, when I followed the application up a while later, nothing more was heard.

I find it strange therefore that people who are successful in sporting events can therefore be awarded such honours, almost before the events have finished while doing something they love and in many cases getting vast sums of money.

We will miss you Babs xx. ‘So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night’.

Beryl Whitney

Basegreen Ave, S12

Abusive beggars

I am absolutely sick and tired of being approached by abusive beggars in Sheffield city centre.

The ones that sit down with their paper cups are no trouble but I am often accosted by dirty, drunken louts that start swearing when you say no.

The other day I had three separate incidences between Fargate and Moorfoot.

D Linfitt

Sheffield, S10

Compulsive viewing

So it’s all over for another year. No, not the elections, but the Eurovision Song Contest.

You could say I grew up with it, and being able to stay up to watch it till the very end was a rite of passage and a real status symbol at our school. However, nothing ages you more than realising you can still remember Katie Boyle presenting it, never mind Terry Wogan, and Lulu and Dana winning it, never mind Abba and Bucks Fizz.

In fact, I’ve not felt so old since seeing a picture of a very wrinkled Sphynx cat and realising it looked like me!

It definitely comes into the ‘so bad it’s brilliant’ category, which makes it compulsive viewing!

Anyway, so to this year’s contest, held in Lisbon, Portugal. After several expressions of pain from various countries, it was finally the UK’s turn to do its stuff, the song being titled Storm. Very appropriately so, as it happened, in view of the intruder who stormed onto the stage mid-act and whipped the mic off Surie, who’d been allocated to do her best/worst for our country. Kudos to her for carrying on singing though. What a (storm) trooper!

After more wailing and caterwauling, it was Israel’s turn. The singer, Netta, was basically a girl with a Minnie Mouse hairstyle, clucking like a chicken. The song was so brilliantly bad that I instantly knew it was going to win, and, what do you know, it did!

Agreed, the songs are absolute and utter ‘pony and trap’. If Ivor Novello was still alive today he’d have nothing to worry about, but will I be watching it again next year? You can bet on it!

The dreaded ‘get a life’ expression is sure to rear its ugly head upon my admission, but for me, it’s a great night’s entertainment.

Who needs a night out on the tiles when you’ve got Eurovision?

Give it 12 points from me! Till next year...

CM Langan


Japanese railways

Mr Olsen might like to know that no Japanese railway companies are totally state-owned.

The seven key operators are all privately owned after Japan privatised their equivalent of British Railways in 1987, over 30 years ago.

Having visited Japan some years ago and having travelled on a variety of trains, including in Tokyo, I think it’s a cultural issue of pride in your job and doing it conscientiously and to the best of your ability, at all levels of a business.

And this extends to pride in your surroundings as I saw a very tidy, litter-free country.

This also extends to relationships with their fellow citizens as I experienced every courtesy and help whenever I found myself needing it.

Ian Cosford

Sheffield, S11

Keeping the NHS afloat

We’re waking up to the fact we may have to pay more taxes to keep the NHS afloat, not liking the sound of an extra £2,000 a year from each household.

No one likes paying taxes but if we are law-abiding citizens we don’t avoid we duly pay what we have to.

Maybe the government should spend more time finding the tax dodgers that openly flaunt the fact they don’t pay the tax they should. We all know the companies that flaunt the law on tax. They should be brought to account and pay the proper amount instead of putting the extra cost on to the ordinary folk who don’t know the loopholes.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35