Derbyshire mum praises caring Sheffield nurse

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A Derbyshire woman who suffered heart failure whilst pregnant has praised a Sheffield Hospitals Charity-funded nurse who helped her bond with her baby during her lifesaving care.

Ruth Clouth, aged 39, was admitted to the Jessop Wing Hospital at 33 weeks purely as a precaution, after suffering coughing and breathlessness.

It was there that doctors diagnosed Ruth’s shocking heart condition, prompting baby William to be delivered early. But thanks to the help of family support nurse Sandra Brown, Ruth and her family found a way to cope with their traumatic ordeal.

Ruth said: “I had been unwell for a few weeks which we thought was a chest infection, but after it didn’t go away, I was given a chest x-ray, which revealed I had an enlarged heart.

“I was transferred from Jessops to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital where an echocardiogram showed I had heart failure. The doctor held my hand and said my heart wasn’t happy. It completely wiped the floor with me and my husband, Daniel.

“This was when we were introduced to Sandra. She gave us information about the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, talked about the process after the delivery and how our baby would be transferred to Jessops in an ambulance with the neonatal transfer team.

“She spent time with Daniel and I, and also my mum and dad helped us to explain what was going on to our four-year-old daughter Emily.

“William was born the next day by caesarean section. I had to have a general anaesthetic during the delivery, but Sandra was there and took photos for us. She spent vital time with Daniel and my parents on the day of delivery and was incredibly supportive to them all. As soon as I woke, Sandra brought William to see me. Her support was so beneficial.”