Derbyshire cat named as one of country’s happiest pets

A Derbyshire cat has been named as one of Britain’s happiest pets.

Giggsy the cat has been named as one of Britain's happiest pets.
Giggsy the cat has been named as one of Britain's happiest pets.

Giggsy, who lives with his owners in Bolsover, has been chosen from more than 150 entrants as the winner of the National Office of Animal Health’s (NOAH) The Eyes Have It competition, which aimed to find happy pets with happy eyes.

Giggsy’s distinctive peepers caught NOAH’s attention during the competition, which ran as part of the organisation’s Happy, Healthy Pets Project – an online gallery aiming to build the UK’s largest ever picture of pet health, made up of photographs submitted by pet owners who love to show off the furry, feathery, finned and scaly extensions of their family.

Giggsy’s proud owner, Julie McDonald, said: “I’m delighted that Giggsy has won the competition, as he means the world to our family.

“We think he’s a wonderful cat as he’s so gentle and loving, and everyone who meets him is won over by him - even the non-cat lovers! His health and wellbeing are of the uppermost importance to us and we think that shows when you look at him.”

And NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard added: “The launch of the Happy, Healthy Pets gallery has been such an exciting time for us at NOAH.

“With entries being submitted every day, it’s heartening to see how well cared for pets are in the UK, and just how proud owners are to show them off. This first competition marks the start of a year full of campaigns design to highlight different aspect of animal health. With many more to come, we can’t wait to see what other photos are submitted this year!”

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