Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Sheffield MP David Blunkett sign up to make city a fairer place

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The Deputy Prime Minister and a Sheffield MP have become the latest people to sign up as fairness champions.

Nick Clegg and David Blunkett, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough MP, signed up to become champions as part of the Our Fair City campaign.

The campaign was launched to help combat inequalities and make Sheffield a fairer place, following a report in 2013 by the city’s Fairness Commission, which found the city is one of the most divided in Britain.

Mr Clegg, Sheffield Hallam MP, said: “I’ve always believed that the way we build a fairer society is by giving people the opportunities they need to get on in life.

“The reason I came into politics was to make sure that we gave everyone the opportunity to succeed, regardless of where they came from.

“I’m delighted to sign up as a Sheffield Fairness Champion so that I can work with others to ensure we continue to make Sheffield a fairer, more equal place.”

Mr Blunkett said he was happy to sign up and added: “A fairer city is both a more equal and productive community. The moral and economic justification go hand in hand so that social well being and prosperity lead to greater quality of life and a Sheffield to be proud of.”