Deputy leader misleading folk

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Lib Dem Deputy Leader David Baker’s letter (Apr 2) must have been written to purposely mislead people.

Let’s be clear, more than £80 million has been cut in this year’s budget. The effects will soon become clear. But council officers say another £135 million has to be cut over the next three years. So the cuts to our budget, imposed at break-neck speed by a Lib Dem-Tory government, are going to get far worse.

So far, cuts have been spread across services, bringing drastic reductions to avoid closures. But with the majority of cuts still to come, difficult decisions lie ahead.

Coun Baker and his colleagues know this, yet all they can do is to accuse Labour authorities of ‘slash and burn’, pointing to Manchester. But they never mention Hull, a Lib Dem council, where 1,200 jobs have been cut.

It’s absurd for Coun Baker to claim Labour MPs are calling for the cuts to go much further. If he really wants to know who is slashing and burning, look no further than his own government.

Coun Leigh Bramall, Lab, Southey