Depression sets in as I view my empty hallway

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WOW! How I loved to read HJ Greaves’s letter, titled Stalinism is Alive.

I live in a Graves Trust Flat, in S8 and anyone knowing these properties will be well aware that they are very impressive buildings.

Inside the main entrance, since removing our personal and colourful, homely items, we are lift with an empty shell. It now somewhat resembles Bleak House.

There is a metal staircase and blank, white-painted brick walls.

In order to move into this beautiful building (beautiful from the outside, I might add) I had to give away all my beautiful furniture and replace it with items which fitted the small flat. I have since been complimented on many occasions on how cosy my place is.

Unfortunately, I have since been informed that the adjoining outhouse has to be cleared of all items, yet again, because they are a fire hazard.

Trying to find a place in my lounge for my lawn mower is proving difficult. Where would I put an ornament of this size?

I don’t want to die in a fire but, honestly, I feel that there is more chance of me dying with a cut throat as instant depression sets in as I approach the dull and uninviting main hallway!

Thank you, HJ Greaves for putting our case so succinctly.

EW, S8