Depot staff care about their work

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I FEEL I must write to make you aware of a group of workers who deserve a well-earned pat on the back.

I refer to the staff at the Blackstock Road recycling depot.

I have over the last few days, been here in Sheffield, clearing out a lot of household items since the death of my mother.

This has meant several trips to the recycling centre.

Every time, without fail, I was pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the centre staff. They showed consideration to me when I asked where some of my items were to be placed, they were informative, polite, and going out of their way to guide and help all the other ‘recyclers’.

They displayed courtesy, knowledge and understanding in answering everyone’s enquiries.

In this day and age of people seeming to have an ‘I’m all right Jack’ approach to work and the general public, I was absolutely delighted to see that there are still people out there who care about what they do and how they do it.

The site was well-maintained and tidy with the staff cleaning up at all times and nothing seemed to be a problem for them at all.

I know from own experiences of working with the general public that it can sometimes be a thankless job, but their approach to the work and dealing with the general public has to be praised.

It so makes life a little more tolerable when you are fortunate to come across workers, who feel under threat at times, carry out their daily task with a level of ease and approachableness.

So thank you Blackstock Road recycling staff for giving this gentleman an unexpected experience and long may you continue.

Ian Goring

High Street



North Yorkshire