Deportation heartbreak

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A SHEFFIELD woman whose husband is to be deported tomorrow after having his request for asylum turned down has vowed to follow him to his homeland to continue her life with him.

Justice Charles, aged 35, has lived in Sheffield for the last nine years but is to be sent back to Sierra Leone tomorrow after failing to convince the authorities he should remain in the UK.

He fled Sierra Leone at the end of the country’s 10-year civil war in 2001 and arrived in the UK the following year in the hope of building a new life for himself.

He told the authorities he had been attacked and tortured by rebels while he was delivering food aid with the UN.

He claims he was crushed and burned and said he was too afraid to return home.

But his application to live in Britain has been turned down and Justice is now being held in a detention centre until the time of his planned deportation.

A campaign group has launched an online petition urging people to add their names to it as a demonstration of support for Justice.

His wife Ruby, 46, a mum-of-five and grandmother-of-two, from Highfield, said she is inconsolable.

She suffers from a number of ailments, including Lupus, and says Justice is her main carer.

She said “I love my husband and I can’t live without him. If they send him back to Sierra Leone I will follow him.”

Ruby said her husband attempted suicide after learning that his request for asylum was turned down.

The campaign group fighting the deportation is urging supporters to contact Home Secretary Theresa May quoting Home Office reference number C1214740.