Dennis Hobson: Kell Brook should retire after eye injuries

Promoter Dennis Hobson answers questions on the latest issues in boxing.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th June 2017, 5:30 am
Updated Friday, 16th June 2017, 11:16 am
Kell Brook suffered a broken eye socket against Errol Spence Jr
Kell Brook suffered a broken eye socket against Errol Spence Jr

What are your reflections on Kell Brook’s defeat, was he starting to lose tactically before his injury, and should he risk his health again?

I did think he was starting to lose tactically.

He allowed Spence to come on strong, and he should have just messed him around a bit.

Spence was a southpaw and had longer arms, but Kell had his left hand down, and that left eye was going to take a pounding.

So, just a basic thing like keeping his left hand up meant he wouldn’t have got peppered on the eye as much.

I don’t know why that wasn’t addressed, and for the last few rounds I can’t believe he didn’t just hold and mess the fight up a little to nullify Spence.

I was hoping Kell could have got to the end of the fight, but I know he was in pain with his eye.

If the eye injuries are as bad as they’re saying they are then I think he should retire.

If he does return, should it be at light middle or middleweight?

I don’t think he should be fighting again, because of the injuries he’s sustained.

He should never have taken the Golovkin fight, that wasn’t right and he was playing with his health. He’s had two good pay days now.

He tried to avoid the Errol Spence fight at all costs, but the problem was with his own camp as well as Khan’s. They were both greedy, and that fight should have been made.

I’m not just blaming Kell’s camp, but that’s the fight that should have happened.

Now, he’s lost his title because that fight didn’t happen and the public have been done out of a potentially great domestic fight.

That fight has now lost a lot of its spark, and Kell should retire because of his injuries.

Will Errol Spence Jr go on to become a genuine world superstar now?

I’m not one hundred per cent convinced.

He’s a very good fighter but he’s not a Sugar Ray Leonard, or anything like that.

I think Kell was in the fight, but he could have old-manned him a bit more and would have got through the 12 rounds, I believe.