Dennis Hobson column: Which boxer can be king of Sheffield United's Kop?

Liam Cameron v Curtis Woodhouse: would this be a local moneyspinner and a novel attraction for the city?

Monday, 12th February 2018, 10:54 am
Updated Monday, 12th February 2018, 11:03 am
Liam Cameron

It would be a great fight for the Sheffield public. We’ve nicknamed it: ‘The King of the Kop.’ There’s a lot more work to do to get it agreed, but hopefully we can pull it off, and both parties want the fight.

But Woodhouse used to campaign at super lightweight!

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They always say a good big ‘un will beat a good little ‘un. Kell Brook challenged GGG, which I didn’t agree with, but Liam Cameron isn’t GGG, is he? Liam’s fought at light-middleweight before; Curtis is probably a light-middle now anyway, so it’s not as if Liam has been a light-heavyweight for most of his career. So, at a domestic level, what’s wrong with the match up? I’d have Liam the favourite, after his last big performance, and he’s my fighter too. So, I’ll be rooting for him, and Stefy Bull will be rooting for Curtis. I’m friends with Curtis though, I know what he brings to the table, and it would be a cracking fight.

What feedback did you get after the Freesport coverage of the Josh Wale show in Sheffield?

I haven’t got any figures, but the feedback was massive, extremely positive. Our show was the best show of the weekend, entertainment-wise. Everything was very positive, the kids on the show did themselves proud, and the production was great. And it can only get better.

Loua Nassa lost - what’s next for him?

Curtis Woodhouse

He got caught by having his chin in the air. It was a bit of naivety and inexperience. He was winning the fight and even when he got put down the first time, he rallied and won the rounds after that. He was a bit inexperienced and didn’t make the weight as well as he should have, but it’s inexperience rather than stamina that lost him that fight. His stock has actually gone up, because we now know he’s at that level, and he could have won that fight. We’ll go again very quickly.

Can Danny Tombs come back from his loss?

I think Danny has had a lot going on in his life and he wasn’t in the best shape, he had a bit of a virus, but that’s no excuse. He’s had a bit of burn-out; he’s been overdoing it and needs to look at his training programme. He can come back though, but it depends on how much appetite he has for it. If he wants to go again then I maybe need to have a bit more input into his training programme. He needs to listen to people who advise him. If you’re not on your game then Adam Jones will find you out, he’s a quality fighter and better than a journeyman.

Curtis Woodhouse