Dennis Hobson column: Sheffield champion Liam must keep strong mindset to flourish

What's the plan for Liam Cameron and are you confident he can retain the form of his last fight and continue to make weight?

Monday, 27th November 2017, 6:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 11:47 am
Commonwealth boxing champion Liam Cameron pictured with his daughter India, six, during his visit to Athelstan Primary School. Picture: Marie Caley

We consolidate at middleweight. He’s set the standard now and I’m confident he can continue because he’s proved it.

As long as he keeps the same attitude when it comes to conditioning and living the life, because he looks an athlete now, and he’s even talking more confidently. Liam has great pedigree but he’s not fulfilled his potential yet.

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He did a number on Sam Sheedy, but that’s one fight where he’s shown his potential and delivered.

So, he needs to consolidate at the weight, and have one or two defences of his belt, while we have an eye on the international and domestic scene. The Commonwealth is a major title but he can go on to something much bigger if he keeps the mindset.

How successful was the FreeSports TV coverage of the Sheedy fight?

I don’t know the numbers, but it’s early days anyway. I’m confident though that once we get into regular shows on the channel then we’ll get into a few hundred thousand viewers. That first show was a pilot and a bit rushed because we only signed the contract a couple of weeks before. On the whole though, it was very successful. FreeSports loved it, they loved the fight and the commentary. And we got great feedback on social media. I don’t know a definite number though, and I’m not too bothered because it’s early days and there was no advertising campaign. When we did our shows on Spike TV, we got over 100,000 viewers. So, I want to get the viewing figures up to 300,000 over the next 12 months. The next televised show will be on February 2.

Who would you like to see Kell in with next?

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. I think Kell needs to be thinking about his career, because if he has got weaknesses around the eyes then should he still be fighting? That’s the worry I’ve got. I like Kell and I worry about his health. He’s a great fighter, he’s made history. If he is going to come back at a higher weight, maybe he should beat someone in a good domestic fight. Maybe someone like Liam Williams, who has just lost to Liam Smith.

I worry about his health though, and I’d like to know what advice he’s had, because he needs to think about his health. The obvious fight out there is Amir Khan, the pair of them shouldn’t bother about any other fight apart from that one, that’s the natural one and a fight I’d like to have made.

Could you ever see Kell taking on gym-mate Billy Joe Saunders?

Yes, why not. Gym mates have fought before, and if it makes business sense, then why not? They’ve got different promoters though, so the likelihood is that it won’t happen.