Dennis Hobson column: Our lads will be back on the big stage

Liam Cameron seemed doggedly defensive and a little unambitious against Zac Dunn having gone all the way to Australia to compete for the Commonwealth title- what did you make of the performances and of his tactics?

Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 3:14 pm
Liam Cameron and Zac Dunn

Liam went into the lion’s den, taking on a big puncher and he did so in front of a highly partisan crown in Melbourne.

He exposed Dunn at times but ultimately wasn’t ambitious enough to bring home the Commonwealth title.

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His stock has certainly gone up though and the Aussies would like to see him back there.

Sam Sheedy appeared to take too long before really going after Tommy Langford - yet he finished the stronger of the two fighters. What did you make of that bout?

Sam was slated as a seven-to-one underdog with the bookmakers and I think he stole the show but not the belt.

It was a new experience doing 12 rounds and maybe Sam showboated a little too much when he could have gone to work more and he would have cemented the decision.

Tommy Langford v Sam Sheedy

It was very close but again his stock has flown up higher than ever.

I think the American market may like a look at Sam, so let’s see what we can do.

Trainer Glyn Rhodes got rollocked three times by the referee, Howard Foster, for baiting Langford - acceptable banter or poor sportsmanship?

Glyn should have his MBE took off him for his antics! Seriously, Glyn was just playing mind games and don’t forget we are in the entertainment business aswell.

Tommy Langford v Sam Sheedy

What can be lined up next for both of these Sheffield boxers?

Liam Cameron and Sam Sheedy will both get shots at titles either directly or by elimination route.

They have both shown they are at that level.

On a personal and business level, how did you feel about arranging two prestige title shots for your boxers, but on this occasion ending up empty-handed?

I’ve been manoeuvring boxers in to title shots for years now and it was disappointing to lose - because I am really a bad loser.

But I know from a positive perspective both Liam and Sam are at those respective level, at the very least.

So more champions coming back to Sheffield - that I can promise you.