Dennis Hobson column on Kell Brook, Tyson Fury and Lewis Taylor

Amir Khan in his pompAmir Khan in his pomp
Amir Khan in his pomp
Kell Brook...can he/should he go back to welter...whether or not there is the carrot of an Amir Khan fight?

It’s a difficult one to answer. He stepped up for the financial benefits, but he’d established himself at 147 so why shouldn’t he be able to get back down to that? I’d have thought for a big fight he should be able to get down to 147 if he does the conditioning right, and I’m sure he’s got people around him for that. The Khan fight needs to be done asap if he is struggling to do the weight, although people in boxing sometimes use that as a sales pitch, so you can’t always read too much into ‘weight issues.’ As I say he’s established himself at 147 and I’d have thought he should be able to do it again for a big fight like Khan.

Lewis Taylor and you couldn’t reach agreement on a new promotional contract. Why not?

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I don’t know! Without going into detail, there’s sometimes outside interference, but if you look where he’s come from, we took him from under the radar to getting him established. He’s been an English champion which he relinquished, he fought for a Commonwealth title against a world-ranked kid and didn’t shame himself, he fought in Ireland for a meaningful title against another world-ranked kid and lost on a close decision. Under me his stock has grown, so why change something that isn’t broken? My track record for developing fighters from nothing, unfashionable kids, and turning them into world champions speaks for itself. I don’t question myself, I did a great job for Lewis. He’s a nice kid; it’s a shame he’s listened to outside influences. Maybe the Sam Sheedy fight offer to him, to see who was the best in Sheffield, gave him an excuse to leave so he didn’t have to take that fight!

Would it be good for boxing if Tyson Fury returned?

If you were a plumber and had that taken away, when you come back home, what are you going to do? You’re going to resume what you know to earn a living again. He hasn’t got another trade; although Sir Michael Parkinson retired so he could have his own chat show! What is he going to do? If you take illegal drugs (as he said he has) then you have to take the consequences, but he’s got to come back. It’s a shame he’s had health problems, and I really do hope he gets well. There are other heavyweight pretenders out there, but Tyson beat the man who had ruled the division for years and who’d beaten all-comers. Tyson sometimes lets himself down a little with some statements but there are some great fights out there for him and I hope he gets well and returns.

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