Dennis Hobson column: My brain-box boxers!

It's great to see Sam Matkin become a champion but how can he pursue a career as a solicitor?

Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, 7:56 pm
Sam Matkin, the learned boxer

I wish I’d trained as a solicitor - the litigation I get involved in! If you’re working for a company and they give you leeway, especially if you get a title opportunity then that’s great. Sam’s made a big statement by beating undefeated Adam Little in his own backyard, who was an English champ at the weight above. This great result catapults him into the domestic titles mix. The next shot could be at an English, or maybe an eliminator for British or Commonwealth. Sam’s success is great for the company he works for too though; they’ll get some great publicity.

With Lewis Taylor an accountant, will you be carrying out IQ tests for all your future boxers?

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I don’t like anyone being smarter than me but I’m afraid academically they are! I wish I’d have studied more, but I’ve got an education in life, I suppose. Seriously, it’s great to have two kids like Lewis and Sam who understand how businesses work; they are gentlemen too. I’m not saying kids who don’t have degrees aren’t gentlemen, but they are a pleasure to work with and they’ve got great stories. There are a lot of things happen in boxing where you can get disillusioned but they’re great people to work with.

Liam Cameron has said he’d retire if he does’t beat Jahmaine Smyle - would you dissuade him?

It’s an easy thing to say and there’s lots of emotion involved when boxers are getting ready for a fight. But if he gives a good account of himself then he wouldn’t want to retire, and ability-wise he should be beating this kid. It’s time now for him to fulfil his potential and I can see he’d be frustrated if he didn’t go on to beat Smyle. If he wasn’t to beat him though and I got him a title shot at somebody else, then I don’t think he’d want to retire.

Kevin Bizier says he is going to be “in Kell Brook’s face” all night. Has he got any chance of achieving this?

I wouldn’t have thought so. Kell’s got pedigree and Bizier is just trying to talk the fight up. They are trying to sell tickets so I think Bizier is just trying to build it up. I don’t think it’s a great match, but it is Kell’s mandatory. He should be involved in bigger fights. They lost the Amir Khan opportunity. I’m sure I’d have made it and if I hadn’t, like when Calzaghe pulled out against Clinton Woods, then I went on to make the Antonio Tarver fight. Ok, Clinton fell short, but I made a big name fight for him. Kell is in danger of stagnating. Every fight is a banana skin but this fight should be a walk in the park.”