Demolition of office block is a victory for common sense

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As one of the individuals opposed to the retention of the Castle Market office block the council’s decision to proceed with demolition is a victory for common sense and welcome to those of us who take issue with the banal remark regarding the ‘pathetically uninteresting remains of Sheffield Castle’.

Those concerned for the future of Sheffield’s brutalist/modernist ‘heritage’ really ought to focus their concern on the well-loved Castle House for which a use has has yet to be found and the jewel/carbuncle in the crown-Park Hill – which requires much retail/leisure infrastructure to make it sustainable in the long run.

One could also ask where were these campaigners during the Jessops Extension affair.

Consider also the attention shown to Sheffield’s oldest domestic building – the Old Queens Head pub-where shamefully no photographic record is readily available of its pre 1980s interior – with that for our modernist development.

Judging by the reaction on social media ordinary Sheffielders know what they want on the markets site – here’s a name and a definition – Castle Hill Park.

Time too for the traditional keepers of the Castle grail – the Hunter Archaelogical Society – to get behind the Castle site project.

Ron Clayton