Democracy is 'first past the post wins'

Liz Brookes

Wednesday, 14th November 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th November 2018, 6:04 am

Sheffield, S6, 100% Brexiteer

 I feel I have to respond to G Shepherd's letter of October 17, "What's to be scared of?".

Brexiteers are not scared of a second referendum. Brexiteers believe in democracy - which has made our country great over the centuries.

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G Shepherd and the rebel Remainers obviously do not know the meaning of democracy. It means that in a vote the side with one vote more than the opposition wins. In the referendum, Leave had almost 1.5 million more votes than Remain. This is a huge majority - therefore does not require a second referendum.

Just because some selfish, self-important rebel Remainers can not bear to lose and they must always win, they think they know best. This does not give them the right to dismiss the majority's democratic vote.

G Shepherd says "Nobody could argue with the result of a second referendum". So why are they arguing about the first democratic vote?

G Shepherd says "Is a second vote a departure from democracy?". Yes, it is because the vote is final. To keep having votes until the Remainers get what they want is not democratic. The idea of a democratic referendum is to get the people's wishes and act on those wishes - so the majority wins. If that is not respected then no future voting will ever mean anything as it would make a mockery of democracy itself.

There are three ways of ruling: democracy - allowing the people to decide their own destiny, anarchy - which would leave the gates open to an ongoing spiral of ever-increasing circles of arguments, or dictatorship - with no choice but being told what to do.

G Shepherd also mentions the first vote over 40 years ago for the Common Market - a trade agreement only. Many people voted no, but no one ever thought about disputing the majority yes vote. It was unthinkable when the decision was made, even though it was thought to be wrong. That vote was not to become part of the EU, (we were not told the truth), therefore it is right at this time to change that decision. I am certain if it had been explained at the time that we would have to be ruled by Europe the result would have been different and we would not be in this situation now.

G Shepherd has listed the many issues of leaving but I am sure everyone knew there would be changes. No one knows exactly what will happen as it has never been done before. The rebel Remainers are saying everything will be doom and gloom, how awful it will be, everything will be disastrous, we will have no food, medicine, planes, the list goes on.  However, it will be the opposite if we have no ties to the EU. The freedom to do as we want, trade freely with the rest of the world - over 150 countries not just the EU's 27. We will have the money we now give to the EU, (except what we are committed to give), for things that matter in our country, mainly the NHS, police, prisons, social care and many others. The bonus will be not being dictated too by the unelected eurocrats in the EU. They do not care about our country, they only want our money.

If the rebel Remainers like to be shackled to the EU so much, they could go to live there and allow this country to have its independence. Or perhaps go to North Korea, Russia, or any other country like them to see what it is like without democracy.

David Cameron called for the referendum as the MPs overwhelmingly voted to let the people decide as they said it was a major decision for the country and too much for themselves to decide. David Cameron also said the decision of the people would be respected and carried out. He did not say we would keep having a referendum until the Remainers won.

This is why democracy is "first past the post wins" and it has worked well for us for centuries.

Our country has to stay democratic.