Demand the first-class library service we deserve

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Sheffield now looks set to have just as many non-profit libraries left in the city as there are Starbucks; that’s 11 of each.

Sheffield City Council also seem willing to turn over a huge amount of library space into privately run cafes and bars.

Now as we all know, Starbucks say they pay no UK corporation tax because they make a loss on every single latte, Americano, frappuccino, smoothie, muffin and everything else they sell us so charitably.

So why not hand over Sheffield’s library service to Starbucks?

Then the people of Sheffield could buy their transfer-priced goods in the knowledge that the raw power of their militant consumerism is keeping our libraries safely in the hands of a non-profit-making organisation.

Anyone who feels the situation with Sheffield’s libraries has gone beyond a joke should join SCALP and plan the people’s response to the council’s library cuts and closures, not accept the fourth rate option being foisted on us, but demand the first class library service that the city deserves.

SCALP (Sheffield Communities Against Library Privatisation) is giving everyone the chance to be part of that response at United Reform Church, Norfolk St, Sheffield city centre on Tuesday, September 24 at 6.30pm.

Aine Loveday

Sheffield S11